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Apr. 13th, 2008

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So I have been thinking of either changing usernames, and thus journals, or leaving LJ all together and trying to find another social networking site. LJ bugs me because there are people who are friended to me, who I don't want to be my friend and read my stuff, but they still can. The only option they provide to aid with this is to make my journal friends only. I don't like doing that, that's not me.

There are several of you who I have means of staying in touch with outside of LJ, others I haven't heard from in /forever/ and the other part I'm not even sure pay attention. So I don't necessarily feel like I'm leaving a close group of people. I do, however, enjoy the communities. Even though I don't participate a whole lot, I like reading the posts. I like being in communities about my local areas, or about cooking, or my personality type or whatever. That's what I would miss the most. So, I'm not sure. I know there is that whole thing with LJ not allowing new, free accounts to not have ads, which bugs me. Anyway, what do you guys think? Know any other community places where I could get my fill? What about other blogging places?

Silly Meme

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Empire Magazine has revealed its list of the "50 Greatest TV Shows" ever. Below is the list and here be the rules.

1. Bold the shows you've watched every episode of
2. Italic the shows you've seen at least one episode of
3. Post your answers

50. Quantum Leap
49. Prison Break

48. Veronica Mars
47. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
46. Sex & The City

45. Farscape
44. Cracker
43. Star Trek
42. Only Fools and Horses
41. Band of Brothers

40. Life on Mars
39. Monty Python's Flying Circus
38. Curb Your Enthusiasm
37. Star Trek: The Next Generation

36. Father Ted

35. Alias
34. Frasier
33. CSI: Las Vegas
32. Babylon 5
31. Deadwood

30. Dexter

29. ER
28. Fawlty Towers
27. Six Feet Under
26. Red Dwarf

25. Futurama
24. Twin Peaks
23. The Office UK
22. The Shield
21. Angel

20. Blackadder
19. Scrubs
18. Arrested Development
17. South Park
16. Doctor Who (the fourth Doctor, Tom Baker)

15. Heroes

14. Firefly
13. Battlestar Galactica (original series)
12. Family Guy
11. Seinfeld

10. Spaced
09. The X-Files
08. The Wire
07. Friends
06. 24

05. Lost
04. The West Wing
03. The Sopranos

02. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
01. The Simpsons

Assignment for IDL

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So my assignment is: Write a report comparing and contrasting the two classes, based on your observations of their residential communities. Also indicate your own reactions and personal feelings as you traveled about in each of the residential areas. Did you feel comfortable or uncomfortable—like you belong or like an intruder? Try to explain your feelings. Do you think that society has any responsibility to lessen class differences? Why or why not?

General criteria to be used in evaluating your field research are: effectiveness of research execution, thoroughness/completeness of data analysis, responsiveness to issues raised, sociological insight, and skill in description/presentation.

I'm wondering, wtf is a report? Is it just another word for an essay? Are there some other characteristics it should have that is different from an essay or a term paper? I'm all confused.

DragonCon 2008

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So, Richard and I decided to go to DragonCon this year. I'm going to be purchasing tickets and hotel room soon, but want to get some information first. Anyone have any tips or tidbits they want to offer?

A Cause Worth Fighting For

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For those of you who don't already know, there has been a strike scheduled for Friday, March 21st, 2008, during which we hope to have many members of LiveJournal provide LJ with absolutely no content for twenty-four hours. This means no posting and no commenting. If you post elsewhere and have it set up to be posted through a feed on LiveJournal, don't do it. Stay away from LiveJournal for twenty-four hours. That can't be too hard, can it? I know some of you are probably quite active on LiveJournal and will find it hard to stay away for an entire day, just as I will, but this is something that needs to be done, to show the people running LiveJournal that we're watching the changes they are making, that we're paying attention, that we're discontent, and that we want to be heard and taken in to consideration. We are not simply users who can be tossed to the side and ignored. We are the people who make up LiveJournal. Without us, without the content we create, without our words, our voices, our creativity, our participation, there would be no LiveJournal. This is a fact, and it needs to be realized and understood and then taken in to consideration when making decisions regarding the way that LiveJournal is run. The strike is only a few days away, so there isn't all too much time to prepare. While this is unfortunate, it isn't enough to keep this strike from taking place. It will take place, the second it is meant to, and it would be best to have as many people take part as possible. Please, spread the word. Spread it fast. There are only a few days to organize this. If you find that you care about LiveJournal or care about the people you interact with on LiveJournal or simply want it to remain a place where you can entertain yourself without constant censorship and money-hungry practices being thrown in without the consideration of those who use the service, act now. If you don't wish to spread the word, that is fine, but please: refrain from using LiveJournal on Friday, March 21st. Do something else for a change. It's for a good cause. (:

For background on this strike and why it is being held, please read the following posts:

To find out exactly when the strike begins and ends, depending on where you are located, please see this:

What's this about?

* It's about free and ad-free LiveJournal accounts being abolished for new members, ignoring the advice from the newly-formed Advisory Board.
* It's about LJ staff trying to sneak this decision in under the radar, and when people found out, telling the users it was done 'to make the signup process less confusing'.
* It's about LJ staff failing to apologize for trying to hide the facts from view and for lying about the actual reasons for their actions.
* And finally, it's about the latest decision to hide certain user interests from the list of Most Popular Interests, some of them being fanfiction, bisexuality, sex and depression. This decision was not announced or explained in any way. Users found out for themselves.

-Taken from the journal of nogias


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I hate blogger so I tried to find something else tonight. I discovered Wordpress. So far, pretty cool. They have this pages features which is like little websites inside the blog for shit. I like it. Check it out:

I have my therapy appointment tomorrow and here I am up at 5am when I need to be up by 1pm at the /latest/. sigh, I always do this to myself. I had another breakdown at work tonight. I swear if they don't fire me it'll be a miracle, I can't seem to pull myself together later, though I'm not sure I've ever been able to.

A Great Accomplishment

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Some of you may remember my LJ entry awhile ago about Life Goals (looking back over that list, there are several things I would like to revise). I was able to cross another one off on February 28th, 2008. I went to see my very first opera.

It was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed myself and would like to see another. La Traviata was performed at the Classic Center, in Athens, by the Athena Grand Opera. Richard and I went, along with my friend M. from work. Also in attendance was my friends kdeimos and the guy he's saying C. I have to say I didn't think I would enjoy it as much I did. I think it really helped that the programs outlined the story and there was even a projection screen which showed the translated lyrics. Even if they were off. *cough* Anyway, the woman who played Violetta, Maureen O'Flynn, had an impressive voice though I thought her acting was lacking. The other members of the opera weren't that impressive in acting or singing quality either, though they weren't horrible on the latter. Everything sounded in key and on note, just nothing breathe taking. Except for Frederick Burchinal who played, Giorgio Germont (Alfredo's father). He was /amazing/. The baritone voice, the acting, he completely pulled it off. I will definitely see more of the things he's in. Bravo!

Afterwards the five of us went out to a local downtown diner type place called the Grill. It was decent. I wasn't overly impressed with my burger but the fries were awesome and the milkshake. *DROOL* The conversation was great and I enjoyed meeting C. for the first time. Though the two of them have so much schooling between them I look like a hillbilly redneck, I think it was still fun and I was only a little (okay, a moderate amount) of anxious. M. didn't talk a lot during dinner, I think she was anxious too, but it was fun to see her outside of work and we had a good conversation in the car on the way to drop her off. I hope she'll come out with me more. I really feel a connection with her. It's one I haven't felt with a female in a long time and nothing in me is telling me to be careful she might not be trustworthy. I haven't felt /that/ in a long time either. So it's extremely nice. Overall, I had a great evening.

Of course it took me forever to tell you folks, and I know I've been absent, but there ya go.

I like to know people so I'll play along.

aliens can't read our minds
YOU'RE ON MY FRIENDS LIST, and I want to know 36 things about you. I don't care if we never talk, or if we already know everything about each other. Short and sweet is fine ... You're on my list, so I want to know you better!

Copy from here, and then answer the questions in a comment and re-post the EMPTY questions in your own journal.

1) Are you currently in a serious relationship?

2) What was your dream growing up?

3) What talent do you wish you had?

4) If I bought you a drink what would it be?

5) Favorite vegetable?

6) What was the last book you read?

7) What zodiac sign are you?

8) Any Tattoos and/or Piercings? Explain where.

9) Worst Habit?

10) If you saw me walking down the street would you offer me a ride?

11) What is your favorite sport?

12) Do you have a Negative or Optimistic attitude?

13) What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with me?

14) Worst thing to ever happen to you?

15) Tell me one weird fact about you.

16) Do you have any pets?

17) What if I showed up at your house unexpectedly?

18) What was your first impression of me?

19) Do you think clowns are cute or scary?

20) If you could change one thing about how you look, what would it be?

21) Would you be my crime partner or my conscience?

22) What color eyes do you have?

23) Ever been arrested?

24) Bottle or can soda?

25) If you won $10,000 today, what would you do with it?

(dunno where 26 went)

27) What's your favorite place to hang?

28) Do you believe in ghosts?

29) Favorite thing to do in your spare time?

30) Do you swear a lot?

31) Biggest pet peeve?

32) In one word, how would you describe yourself?

33) Do you believe/appreciate romance?

34) If you could live anywhere in the world where would you chose?

35) Do you believe in God?

36) Will you repost this so I can fill it out and do the same for you?

Portland Vacation

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Okay, so to kill two birds with one stone hubby and I are going to Portland to visit his family and we're going to vacation. So for the portlanders on my list what should we do? I lived there for a bit but we didn't go anywhere or see the sites, so I'm a total tourist. What do you recommend? We're thinking about doing the Mt. Hood dinner train with the comedy/live music event. I'd like to do something every day, maybe go to Vancouver? What do you guys say?

Textbook Inquiry

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For those of you out there who attend UGA and get financial aid. Is there anyway to get textbooks and have them charge your student account so the financial aid will pay for it? Or do you have to wait for the financial aid to be disbursed? I've been looking online and can't find anything.

Books for Sale

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I just put up some books on eBay. Mostly non-fiction stuff. If you want something, and you're local, you don't have to buy via :)

New ideas

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Well, I think I'm going to try out roller derby this year. They're having bootcamp the week of the 14th. I also want to do some volunteer work this year. Either baby holding at the hospital or a hotline of some sort or something. Any local folks have volunteer ideas?


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So I went out to Walker's Coffee Shop & Pub. It was actually pretty cool. I like the atmosphere. The chai was awesome, the latte not so much. What's with coffee and foam? Ugh. Anyway. About 9pm they turned down the lights, so I couldn't see to read anymore. The table I was at was one of the few without it's own light, but all the lights dimmed. What's up with that? Is that some kind of signal that happy hour is about to begin or something? Is it normal and I shouldn't find it weird or is it strange to anyone else too?

Did I mention I was out downtown, with the other college kids, on a Tuesday night after work? Yes, yes I was. We even stayed for like a whole hour. I was supremely pleased with myself.

Local Coffee Places

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So I'm going to be writing an article on local coffee places. For my locals out there, am I missing any from the list?

Normaltown Cafe
Uncommon Grounds
Espresso Royale Caffe
Infusia Tea and Expresso Bar
Jittery Joes
Walkers Coffee Shop and Pub

Also, do you have any thoughts or opinions about the places listed? Let me know if I'm free to quote you or not, and if I am allowed to quote, whether you'd prefer your first name or a pseudonym? Thanks a lot folks.

Writing Share

I am beautiful too
Last year I shared this and this. So I thought I would share another from around that time. I was unpacking and found a journal I started last year but never kept up on, go figure. Maybe I'll give it another shot.

I am alone tonight
with my sorrows and sobs.
The past reflecting in
my thoughts and the
emotions seen within tears.
I long to be held,
loved and cared for.
Yet I am too weak
to let go,
too untrusting to submit
to my desires and needs.
Even if I defined what I wanted,
spoke the words,
they would fall on deaf ears.
Perhaps not uncaring,
just unable,
and I no longer have the strength.
is it so hard?

Searching out a Journal

I've decided to buy myself a journal. Thus, I'm searching out the perfect one. I noticed I can be rather picky, go figure right? So I'm looking for one that is cloth bound, with small lines. It doesn't have to be two sided, because it's unlikely I'd write on both. I'm wasteful that way. Anyway, the cloth bound specification is that it will lay flat. I want to be able to write all the way from one edge of the page to the other or at least have a decent margin which doesn't interfere with my writing. Hopefully that makes sense to you folks. I'd like it about 6.5 inches wide and 8 inches high there about. Easy enough to carry around in a bag or in my hand but still large enough to get good and comfie with.

Anyway, does anyone have suggestions on where to find such a thing? I checked Barnes and Nobles and Borders and stuff but there items either don't qualify or are way too expensive.

Miss me much?

Dancing iPod; Life is random
It's been a long time since I've done a substantial post. This isn't going to be one of them, but I wanted to touch base with you folks. I'm stealing this idea from one of my lj friends, but am too lazy to link to her.

- Work has been sucking the life out of me.
+ I've finally been able to make about $7 an hour (as oppose to the $6) and just got a promotion to a QA where I'll be making $8.
+ My husband is wonderful
+ I reconnected with a high school who I missed terribly and it's been great to talk and hang out with her again.
- I hate my apartment. They finally got the master bathroom overflow stuff fixed, but then on Thursday the second bathroom exploded with shit and piss. Nothing like coming home from work to be hit in the face with the small of a third-world latrine. Additionally, the maintenance guy heard a strange buzzing coming from our AC unit, so he shut it down, but didn't tell us or anyone else apparently. So I've been without AC since Thursday. On top of that, when the bathroom exploded water was everywhere and soaked into our carpet, though apparently the maintenance guy thought if he put plastic down on the carpet the water wouldn't soak into it, he was wrong. So we've been living with the shit smelling rot of used toilet water living in our carpet since Friday. I am not pleased.
+ I have finally talked Richard into buying a townhouse/condo.
+ We are going to see a financial adviser on Monday to find out if we can afford a townhouse/condo and what we can do to afford it.
- One of my D&D games suck and I'm thinking about leaving. They're just being too retarded for me.
+ The other game, which Richard is the DM of, is awesome and fun and I love the dynamic we all have.
- My writing jobs are okay, but a PITA, but it pays the bills.
+ I'm stressed about starting school, and if I will ever be able to again.
- I want to live in Europe and can't afford it.
+ I've been reading a lot more.
- Robert Jordan died. And this before he finished the latest book.
+ Lambs are the cutest things I've seen in my entire life.
- has been shut down and the owner arrested, such a bunch of crap.
+ I love not having a "real" job and being able to live paycheck to paycheck like a 20 year old. It's so freeing.
- I've been eating like shit and gained 5 lbs back. :(

Much love to everyone. I have been reading, commenting on occasion, but mostly ghost like.

Cruise Stuff

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Well, I almost fell for a scam today. Which only convinced me of how bad I want to go on a cruise. Therefore, I seek help my fellow peeps.

If you have ever been on a cruise, will you please tell me what cruise line as well as the best and worst parts. Preferably for every cruise line you've tried. The more detail the better, but I won't press my luck and will be happy with whatever you provide.

For those that have never been on a cruise line, but have friends/relatives/etc. who have, do you have anything to offer concerning cruise lines and the best and worse points?

I would like to go on more that is a little more adult oriented so to stay away from kidlets. However, I don't want one that is all about sex crazed people trying to rub their naughty bits on me either.

Writing Jobs

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So I've been working as a ghostwriter for this placed called IRA. Basically they posts topics and how many articles one has to write on those topics and how much money one will be paid. It's not a ton, like $35 for 10 articles and $90 for 25 and so forth. Anyway, I picked up this 24 article job on astronomy and telescopes. I was really excited because it was something I've been wanting to learn and this gave me a reason. The articles had to be between 300 and 500 words. So like 5 of them only got to about 300 words because I had to write about particular brands of telescopes and there wasn't a lot of information them, but overall I was really happy with them. So I submit them and the boss tells me to make sure the articles are more near the max next time. I responded back that I was going for quality over quantity and I know we need a balance but I felt quality was more important and the articles which were on the low end were the brand ones. However, I wrote others well over the 500 word mark and I hope he noticed that. His response was "Like I said, make them longer next time". So, that completely crushed me. I felt the response was disrespectful and just rude. Perhaps I get too attached to my writing, but I don't see that as a bad thing. It's also a job where praise isn't heard. Basically if you hear nothing, then it's okay. The whole "No news is good news thing". So whenever something not-wonderful is said it really hits hard. Anyway, I've decided not to write there anymore. I don't do well with being treated like a human word processor. So I'll just collect my $90 for this job and move on. Part of me is sad. I like writing and making money at it is good, but another part of me feels like I can't just let people walk all over me. I'm not good with being a cube-rat or one of those nameless, faceless workers. That's why I like my current job at UTS. Even though I'm just a lonely scribe, they still treat me with respect and like I'm human. So, yeah. Everyone tell me I'm not being a baby please.

Mac Items for Sale

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Any of my local LJ friends (or further too if you want to pay the shipping) want a burgundy Macbook Incase Neoprene sleeves and iSkin keyboard cover? I'm selling both for $30 which is a $25 savings.


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So, I know I've been bad about updating lately, but I've been busy. Hopefully all your folks out there are doing okay.

melopene, I know we're suppose to get together. I still want to. My sleeping schedule is all screwed up and shit keeps coming up. I swear I'm not avoiding you though.

I am on book 9 of Wheel of Time. I love this damn series.

I am extremely sad that Stargate will no longer be created. It breaks my heart. :(

I wish I was going to Dragon*Con.

People we play DnD with are pissing me off.

I got a job at a transcription place, yay! I'm also working at IRA. I'm not sure how I like the later, but it's decent money. I have to get better at bullshitting.

Richard finally got his financial aid check, so we should be okay. He's also quitting his job (whoo-fucking-ray. Finally) and going to try and get one with me at the transcription place. Maybe he'll get his degree and we can finally stop pussyfooting around.

I have been spending a lot of time updating my other blog (found here for those interested). I still love LJ, but I needed a different avenue.

I submitted my first review on Athens Exchange. The editor wants me to do more story telling, instead of facts. It's a different form of writing than what I've been use to, but should be fun. I already finished my second and am just waiting for Richard to proof it. Hopefully she'll like this. For those interested, just go to and look for the DePalma's review on the first page. That's me. :) Leave comments if you wanna! My second was for Hibachi Express. It should be up in a day or two.

I am thinking about buying myself a Mac Mini. I love my laptop, but I would like it more for laptopy things instead of as my main computer.

I think that's it for now! MUAH!

Oh, I forgot. If anyone is interested, I have a DSL modem for sale. We bought it from Bellsouth, but decided to go back to cable internet. We're selling it for $50.

On Vox: Reaching Out

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I made a new friend today, I think. I have some red flags going off in my head, but I'm not sure if that's because I'm terrified of making friends or if she's someone I should be cautious about. I am going to take it slow and listen to my intuition, and not just do things because she is. I'm also going to try and voice my own beliefs more than just listen and support her. I've always wanted to be classified as a good listener in my life, but unfortunately that also means I tend to lose myself in other people. She asked me to go out to a bar with her tomorrow. I was concerned at first. I'm not particularly fond of people who drink as a hobby (which she does), but I have been wanting to get out into the Athens scene more and try different drinks. Plus, just because someone drinks as a hobby doesn't mean they get drunk and act stupid. Or that's what I am trying to make myself believe anyway. I don't have good experiences with this, so I'm extremely nervous. Additionally, I told her I wasn't sure if I could go because we're having financial hardship and she offered to buy some drinks for me so we could go out together. I thought that was kinda nice, though extremely scary for me. Anyone who has tried to buy me something in the past knows how I react to this. I'm really trying to open myself up though and go outside my norms.

She seems pretty cool. Though has a lot of drama around her. Hopefully I can stay away from that. She knits and croquets, and sews and stuff. So it'll be nice to have someone who crafts who I can maybe hang out with. We'll see. I'll update about tomorrow then.

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On Vox: Writing Job

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I have some exciting news to share with everyone. I'm so excited I'm almost speechless. I got a writing job at Athens Exchange. I'm going to be a restaurant reviewer. I don't get paid per article but I do get a free meal for me and a guest. I've been asked to write one article every week, and then I submit my receipts and stuff to be reimbursed. This is awesome. If I do well at the restaurant reviews, I'm going to move into Movies/Film and maybe even some local events and stuff. This is going to look great on my resume, and when I actually get back into school maybe I'll get to be an intern there and get college credit. This is so awesome. I'm actually getting my writing out there. I feel so groovy and positive. I hope it works out. I hope they don't think I suck.

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Free meal at Chik-fil-a

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You sign up and they send you a coupon for a free sandwich and medium drink. I got it from a relative who states she's done this before and gotten the coupon. So I hope you enjoy!

On Vox: Plus-size Clothing Store Post

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I just wrote a post with 8 different plus-size shopping places. The post gives a bit of information about them, and a brief review of their clothing line, and my experience (if any) with the clothing. I would really appreciate if people would stop by and check it out. I would like to hear your opinions on the article, including but not limited to, the writing style, the clothing stores, the information provided, etc. Even if you disagree with me, please feel free to voice your opinion. Additionally, if you have any other stores you feel should be included or what not. I would love to hear about them. So here is the link, and it would really mean a lot to me.

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On Vox: Apartment Problems

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Well, for quite some time there have been issues with our apartment. The air conditioner vents suck in a majority of the rooms, and we have outrageous amount of bugs. The worse thing however is our master bathroom has been overflowing. Yes. Feces from the other apartments has been flooding our bathroom. This is not just an issue with the toilet, but the entire bath tub filling up as well. It's overflowed into the carpet, twice, both of which had to be replaced. Of course, the second time they still haven't put the padding back down. This is probably because the problem isn't completely fixed and they don't want to replace it yet again should it overflow. However, it sucks for us.

So tomorrow we're going to look at another apartment in the complex and see about moving into it. It's in a different building, which is potentially better. The price of this apartment is just too good to pass up, and really the landlord and stuff has been pretty nice. We were told that any fees from transferring the utilities will be covered by the apartment and there is a chance we could have them pay for movers. Is the movers issue something I should push? I feel that since it isn't really our choice to move, but more due to the apartment problems, that they should pay for movers. My husband thinks we should just be grateful. What do you guys thing?

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Survey Website

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So I have been using MySurvey for awhile. It's one of those places which sends you surveys about products and habits and what not, and then you can earn points from each one which can then be cashed in for prizes or money. It takes 1,000 points to get $10 in cash, but there are other things. Like iPods, gift cards, appliances, etc. I average about 30 points per survey, sometimes I can get a couple hundred points with just one though. Anyway, if this is something you'd like to sign up for, if you would do me the favor of letting me know I'll send you a referral e-mail. It isn't needed, but I get points for people I referral and I would appreciate it.

On Vox: Stardust

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I went to the theatre today, thanks to for my free ticket, and saw Stardust. It was a great movie. It was what I think a comedy should be. It had a great plot, some good fantasy scenes, and cheesy/comedy lines mixed in. Robert De Niro was even a effeminate pirate captain. ;) Clare Danes did an excellent job as the star. Yes, ladies and gentlement, a star is a woman. It was so cool! My Halloween costume is going to be a Star. I love it. Just enough pretty-pretty princess with some fantasy magic mixed in. I was skipping like a little girl after the movie and pretending to glow. Yes, I'm a dork, and I don't care.

So go see it. You won't regret it, unless you prefer horror movies and don't like fantasy/fairy tales.

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On Vox: D&D on Friday

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So the D&D session went well Friday. The combat was definitely quicker with only 4 people. Plus we seem to agree on a course of action more. One of the players, M, has a weird viewpoint of the sessions. Or weird IMO. He thinks he's the only one who initiates any action and the rest of us just follow along. While that can be true in some ways, in other's it's not. I think sometimes we follow him because he has a set way he thinks things should be done and it's easier to follow than to try and lead, against him, and perhaps create some drama. He's not immature about it or anything, but he is a little bit of a drama queen. He also tends to act first, without collaboration of the team, and therefore we have a choice to either follow his actions or leave him hanging alone. It's an interesting dynamic to say the least.

Another observation about the game is the majority of us take alignment seriously. We really give consideration to the morals and ethics behind our character. Just because a monster is evil, doesn't mean we think he should be killed. My character is neutral, and will generally not kill unless she's attacked first or it's a necessity. I figured since the definition of neutral, in the D&D world, is one who doesn't favor good nor evil. So I have no reason to just kill things without being provoked. Richard is a neutral good character, so he only kills if there is no only reason. Even then, he generally fights them until they fall unconscious and then tries to stabilize them. Though he prefers to take them prisoner, instead, and turn them over to the guards. Another player, who's character is a paladin, simply cannot just kill things or coup d'grais them. M tends to get aggravated at us in these times. It's a game where you're suppose to kill and adventure and earn XP. However, the other three of us prefer to search out other alternatives rather than fight. It's interesting to me.

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On Vox: A word from our sponsor...

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I haven't felt like updating much lately. I haven't felt like being online much lately. That is probably due to a lot of changes in my life.

I sold the body jewelry business for $4k. A much needed amount to get us some out of debt and I was so sick of it. Don't get me wrong, I was excited by the idea of having my own business, but body jewelry is not something I was planning on staying in long. I figured I would sell in 5 years, that day just came a little quicker. I kept getting in more debt, trying to make the business grow, and I just didn't feel confident doing that right now. I'm too young to get bitter.

I applied for a job at IRA, which is an online company which I write articles on and get paid for. I have to hear back from them, but I'm hopeful. It's not a ton of money, but enough. Plus, I love writing. I also applied for a local position at a transcription company. I would work about 16 hours or so a week, making decent money. So that's cool. Plus it'll go with my school plans very well.

I have decided to pursue law. GSC is sucking ass right now, I'll update on that more later. I'm going to take some IDL classes through UGA. I don't have to be a student of them to take the classes, but they still transfer. It's purely online and set your own pace. It's pretty cool and I'm excited by that.

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Cat Stuff for Sale

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My roommate bailed and left some stuff for a pet she never got. So There is a litter box (with one of those guard things), a 6.5 ounce container of Pounce moist seafood medley flavored cat treats, a pooper scooper, a food dish (one of those with two bowls connected), a 14lb box of Arm & Hammer Super Scoop cat liter (about 1/2 full),and a 3.3lb bag of Whiskas meaty selection cat food (7/8 full). I'm selling it all for $20. I live on the West side, off Mitchell Bridge and Tallassee. Anyone interested?

On Vox: A D&D Update

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The other couple I've been playing D&D with, the one who we've been having problems with and who have been having problems amongst themselves, has finally decided not to play anymore. When they first broke up, the female of the couple insisted she still wanted to play but missed 2 sessions and the male just didn't respond to us. Finally he sent an e-mail bowing out and she followed. Overall it seemed like very dramatic, petty crap but I think we'll have a stronger group this time. At least I hope so. I did a session with just me and one other player (and the DM of course) and had a pretty good time. We didn't spend the entire session attacking everything, and actually RPed and problem solved and worked together. It was one of the more enjoyable sessions. I even leveled, which was pretty sweet.

I ended up missing the session on Sunday with my other group. They did it on the same day Richard works and we ended up being too exhausted to make it. We'd have to pull a 30 hour day. I'm just not as young as I use to be. ;) I was a little disappointed to miss out, but hopefully I didn't miss too much. I'll have to e-mail folks and see what took place.

I think when Richard starts school in a couple weeks our playtime is going to dramatically decrease. Hopefully not too much, as I really do like playing. It can be stressful, but that is always the case when dealing with others. I've enjoyed seeing how much I've grown when it comes to social situations. Before I would have just stopped playing because I didn't mesh well with people and now I've tried to see it out. I've tried not to take things personally, and even when I did feel guilty or fedup, I still moved forward and tried my best and didn't hold grudges. I did decide to take one session off in order to recoup, but it wasn't a passive-aggressive move. So, overall, props to me!

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My Return and Request for Help

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Some of you may have noticed I've been out of commission. My internet was not working correctly. We think one of the many power surges my apartment gets when there is a storm caused the modem to not work correctly. We lost anywhere from 15%-40% of our packets when we pinged thing. So I could get on some Mu* and on my messengers but that was about it. I'm glad to be back and should be caught up on entries too!

I have had a a reoccurring dream for several years now. It would entail me being in HS, but I knew I had already gotten my GED, and I kept saying to myself "I'm only doing this to prove I can". Other things would take place, like socializing with people I didn't before, and trying new things, and all that. However, that was the basis theme. It just dawned on me the other day, that perhaps I have this dream because I feel uneducated. I feel that I missed out on learning things in HS because I didn't make it paste the 10th grade. I passed my GED with no problem, but that's not the same thing. My educational knowledge is filled with holes. So, I have decided to remedy this for my own self-satisfaction. However, I am not one to just go check-out a ton of books from the library and sit down and read. I need some sort of structure. Then I thought about purchasing some homeschooling curriculum stuff. That would provide me with books and lesson plans and assignments for me to work on. The structure I need without the daily grind I hate. I've kind of hit a wall with this. All the homeschool information I've found is heavily religion based. I was curious if any of my LJ friends would be interested in helping me find a good curriculum?

Waking Up

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I have come to the conclusion I am boring. Perhaps that is why I always feel the need to have outside praise and why I always want to stand out or whatever. Anyway, how do I not be boring? Seriously. I'm at a loss. People go out and do things all the time, but wtf is it they do? I don't have money to spend on shopping or dining out, I don't like window shopping, so what in god's name can I be doing to improve my life activities? I'm so at a loss here.

Are there just two types of people in the world? Ones who sit in the library or Barnes and Nobles doing their homework and the other side whom don't understand why doing such an activity in public is better than being at home?

Time to Move On

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I have decided that it is time for me to move on from selling body jewelry. Thus, I am putting the business up for sale. The price is $6,000, and this includes...

1. $4k worth of inventory
2. Established eBay business: dependable consistent buyers, store, customized listing template, SMP, and high feedback rating.
3. Professional pictures of item inventory
4. Contacts for purchasing additional inventory
5. Domain and web hosting until June 2008
6. Registered in Georgia
7. Employee Identification Number

So if you're interest, or know someone who is, feel free to let me know. I'm always open for questions and what not.


aliens can't read our minds
Remember the other couple which plays D&D with me and Richard? Remember how excited I was about the girl and how I thought she was super nice and was hopeful she could be something I could actually hang out with and get to know? I think I was completely wrong about her. This week she was completely rude in a couple of e-mails that were sent to the D&D group. Apparently over something I said, which resulted in her lashing out. What I said, I'm still not sure of, because it wasn't anything directed at her by far. Anyway, on Friday when we played there was some discussion about how to handle splitting up loot. One of the other players mistakenly said "I'm just laying out how things are going to be done" when he meant he was saying how /he/ thought things should be done and K nearly had a temper-tantrum. She gets up and says she's leaving because she doesn't like everyone's attitude and she's having "personality conflicts". Of course, all the other guys in the group immediately jump up and beg her not to go and everything. I thought the whole situation was passive-aggressive and her playing a victim when it was unnecessary. I'm just wondering if my sense about people are really that wrong, or if I was mislead because I'm trying to be hopeful about making girlfriends and missing the signs. Things were a complete miss with Ashley and now with K. I feel lonely for female companionship most of the time. With K talking about how "dominate personalities" make her feel like she can't say anything and reacting completely childish I know she's not really someone I can hang out with. Especially since the whole evening was spent with her talking over Richard (since he's a player now, and not DM, and he stutters which made me want to slap the shit out of her), not consulting the party, etc., when that's the exact same issues she was ripping me a new asshole about. I don't really feel disappointed in her, or hurt, though I /hate/ being accused of things I didn't do or being told things didn't happen when they did, but I am disappointed that I never seem to connect well with other women. I wish I knew what it was about me that was so unappealing. Or if it isn't me, why I seem to attract or try to attract people who aren't a good match for me. I don't know.

The good new is, however. I haven't let this situation affect me so harshly that I've sworn off making friends or being social. Which is a vast improvement to how I use to handle emotional situations.

I was amused...

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On Vox: Associated Content Articles

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I just wanted to let everyone know that I published 3 more articles on Associated Content.

1. Review of the Local Athens Restaurant: Thai of Athens
2. Review of the Local Jefferson Restaurant: Jefferson House
3. Interview/article about a Local Atlanta Indie Artist: Nerdkween

So feel free to stop by and check them out. You can also subscribe to my articles and be notified whenever a new one is posted or subscribe to the RSS feed. Feel free to comment away on the articles, even if you disagree!

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Being Social

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So on Tuesday night Richard and I had dinner with K and M. They're the other couple in our D&D group. It was a really nice time. We went to Agua Linda's and had some pretty good, decently cheap Mexican food. It's a place I'll definitely go back to. The conversation had less lulls than when we went out with G and R but I think that's because K is /very/ social. We all got to know each other better and talked a little about life and food and getting together again. I really like K and I'm hoping she's going to be a girl I can hang out with from time to time. I can't even remember the last time I had a close girl friend. K is just so warm and friendly and so damn nice. From the looks of her, she seems like she might be one of those snobby, conceited girls but as soon as you get around her there is just this warm essence emitting from her. I genuinely like being in her company and I don't have any voices in the back of my head telling me to be careful. It's an amazing feeling. Whooray for D&D, it brings folks together. ;)

On Vox: The Weekend Update

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Friday: D&D day, a blessful day. We slept until about 8am, having went to bed at around 9pm the day before. We ran around grocery shopping and hanging out. 5pm came out of nowhere and people started showing up before we were even ready. Thankfully the rest of the group didn't show up until 6-6:30pm so I could get everything ready. The other lady in the group, K, was so sweet. She brought baked chicken for everyone to nosh on and celery and everything. It was really nice of her. We seem to have a couple mooches in the group, but thankfully everyone else is super sweet and always contributes. The game itself was kinda fun, though a little slow. We should have finished the adventure but instead we have another session or so to go. We recently decided to have a weekly game, which is awesome, as I'm addicted.

Saturday: Richard and I spent most of Saturday at home watching Twelve Kingdoms. Which is the most awesome anime ever. If you haven't seen it, you should go rent it now. We were trying to be good and wait for the disks on netflix but we got so hooked that we ended up going to Tyche's and renting the last 6. Sean let us have them for $10 instead of the usual $12. He rocks that way. Anyway, we came home and spend the rest of the day snuggling on the couch and watching it. It was nice to just be able to hang out with him. We've been so busy lately I've really missed him. I know, lame right?

Sunday: Another lazy day. We slept, we watched TV, we snuggled. It was wonderful. And that was my weekend. Boring huh? Yes, and I loved every damn minute of it.

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Thursday's Outing

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Richard and I met up with sabayeleyr and her finance for dinner at DePalma's in downtown Athens. The recommendation came from a newly found friend and the menu looked pretty good so it was a go. The other couple was a lot of fun, we talked and laughed and got to know each other. I'm a total social-reject but I think I did fairly well. There were some lulls in the conversation but I think it's attributed to the fact we're all a bit on the loner side, and sometimes our minds wander into places without our control. ;) I hope we'll get to meet up with them again and we didn't come off as people they wish to avoid.

The food was decent. We spent way too much money though, so I am kinda irked. The side salad costs $3, and wasn't that impressive. Richard and I ordered the stuffed mushrooms for $5. It was decent. The mushrooms are stuffed with meatballs on one half, and pesto on the other. I preferred the pesto. There were about 10 mushrooms in all. I also ordered the goat cheese ravioli, which was disgusting. The pear wine sauce they covered it in was really overwhelming and did nothing to enhance the flavor. Also it was covered in chestnuts, which were gross. Overall, a big let down for $8. There was only like 6 ravioli. Richard ordered the tortellini with Alfredo and chicken. I think his meal ended up being like $16. It was good, but I'm not sure it was worth the price. The chicken was actually a whole breast quartered, so it seemed more natural than other restaurants. There was also enough for 2 people to eat and be plenty full. However, it's extremely heavy so don't eat it twice in a row or you'll end up with stomach aches. I would go there again, but be very careful on what I ordered. Our companions orders a calzone and then some Crab linguine. R seemed to like his calzone pretty well, though it was about $8 or $9. However Sabayleyr hardly touched her crab linguine. We both ended up getting dessert as well. Richard and I got the chocolate torte which was /awesome/. R & G got the cheesecake and seemed to like it fairly well.

The atmosphere was cute. Elegant but not so much that one felt uneasy. Also the menus were cute with black and white pictures of the past generations. I think it's a family owned place and the waitress, while not great at service, was very nice. Everyone was really patience with Richard's stutter too so I think that speaks a lot about their character.

On Vox: Hospital Update

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Okay, so my Grandmother went into ICU Monday morning as I posted before. She had stopped breathing at the house and they called and ambulance and revived her and took her to Athens Regional around 4:30am or so. Someone called Richard at about 8 or 9 and told him what happened and he rushed home to take me there. Of course, I bawled my eyes out until he got here and then I put on my "ready for action" face and set off to the hospital. My aunts were there and what not and I went in to see Grams. She has a breathing tube and was mostly out of it. They had to tie her down so she wouldn't pull the tube out, because apparently she was being an asshole about it since they brought her in. That's my Grams. :) We didn't stay in her room long, because she was sleeping and could barely keep her eyes open. Richard and I hung out in the waiting room with my Aunt until about 3:30 or so. I went in for another visit around 2 and Grams seemed to be more lucid. I even got slapped so it made me feel better. ;) Oh, while I was there they did an echo on her heart. The lady doing it kept asking if Grams had any history of heart disease or congestive heart failure or anything. That made me suspicious but she couldn't tell me anything else.

The next day, Tuesday, I had plans to go back to the hospital but Richard had to work late and I laid down for a nap. Unfortunately I slept clear through the day and didn't wake until around midnight. I had exhausted my body apparently.

Wednesday I did make it up there, since Richard had to run errands he just dropped me off, and Grams looked much better. She was off the tube and talking and laughing. It was nice. They were doing a test, which I don't know the name of, where they run a wire up Gram's leg and into her heart in order to check out what was going on. That was a little nerve wracking to me. Even though they say it's a common procedure, shit happens ya know? Apparently the echo showed some weaknesses in my Gram's heart, brought on by untreated high blood pressure (which she's on meds for, but never takes because she didn't think she needed them) and so they needed to make sure there weren't any blocks or anything. Grams was extremely nervous, you could tell. After about 2 hours they brought her back up and the doctor came and told us what was going on. There were no blocks, thankfully but Gram's heart is weak. It doesn't squeeze correctly so it works overtime to try and make up for it. They're going to give her some meds which will hopefully make it stronger and she's on lasik's to get the water off her heart. She did have congestive heart failure, so that explains the echo lady. They are also giving her some meds which will make her physically sick from smoking, in order to encourage stopping. Apparently she has lung disease too and was only getting like 77% oxygen or something.

Thursday I found myself sleeping through the day again, but I did get calls telling me Grams was moved to her own room and out of the ICU and they said she would be able to go home next week as long as nothing else happened. I actually haven't been back to the hospital since Wednesday. Which I feel horrible about, however, my body is revolting against me so I can't really argue. I didn't go Friday because of D&D and Saturday because it was "family day" and then today Richard is utterly exhausted and doesn't feel like going anywhere. I will probably go tomorrow however.

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On Vox: Quietness

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My Grandmother went into ICU yesterday morning. So if I'm unusually quiet then you know why.

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The Weekend Update

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Friday: We slept in as there was a D&D game at 6pm in Duluth. It was pretty fun. All of us from Athens carpooled to Duluth. Of course, Richard and I were running late because he had to stop 12 times. I love him, but he's such a damn woman sometimes. ;) The ride up was filled in strategy talk and small talk. I was proud of myself because I suck at small talk, not to mention I don't really like it. The game itself was pretty eventful. We're doing a pirate like campaign, so our group is all on a boat sailing off to some mission. So we would make random rolls to see if anything interesting happened on those days. It seemed like every time I made a  roll, we got attacked. Which made it interesting but it put me in the spotlight. Our group did relatively well I think, no one died or got seriously injured. Everyone seemed really fidgety, or maybe that was just me. My DM finally got back to me about my background too and said he was impressed. He also said he felt I was a great addition to the game and he really liked how I get into it and contribute. So that made me happy. :)

Saturday: Since we didn't get home until like 2 or 3am, we slept for a /long/ time. Then we woke up and cooked and hung out. I worked on my webpage for the business a lot. It's coming along well and there shouldn't be much longer until I have it up. It's taking much longer than I originally though, but Richard tells me that's because I'm much too ambitious and don't set realistic goals for myself. Go figure. :P I also found out I was accepted to GSC, which is great, but I have to take a math placement exam. On top of that, the campus closest to me is probably not going to have available space. Apparently those of us who have to take exams, can't register until after the exam, but everyone else gets to go ahead. So we're basically SOL. How that is fair, I don't know, but I guess that's how it works.

Sunday: Another lazy day. I did meet a new girl online through LJ and set up a dinner date with her and her finance for Thursday. I was excited by this and hoped we get along. I also asked another local LJ friend if she wanted to get together. However, I got sad news that the couple Richard and I meet at our D&D game (different than the Duluth one) broke up. :/ The woman was trying to bow out because it was a strained situation (obviously). I told her even if she doesn't play anymore, I would still like to hang out with her. She's really nice and I feel a good connection with her. So hopefully that'll pan out.

Swimsuit Help

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Okay girls and boys, what do you guys think of this swimsuit? Do you think it would look flattering on me? Do you think it's stylish? Do you think $75 is too much to pay for a bathing suit? Keep in mind I am a large girl (size 30).

On Vox: Weekend Getaway

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I would like to plan a weekend trip for Richard and I. It would need to be Thursday-Saturday and somewhere we could drive to, maybe rent a car if necessary. Probably around next month. Can anyone help me? I've never ever planned a trip before and really need some guidance.

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On Vox: A bit of surprise today

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Well, I got a package in the mail today. I wasn't expecting anything, and to add to that surprise it was from payperpost. I got myself a free T-shirt, a foam finger, the new Police CD, some might mints, and a tin with some green substance in it which I've no idea what it is for or what it is but none the less. Pretty cool huh?

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Want to Edit?

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Hey Folks,

I'm thinking about moving my over to I like the interface better and with the whole mail server thing it'll help me keep up with comments and what not better. I was curious if anyone would be interested in being an editor for me? The job doesn't pay anything yet, but may in the future, but you're welcome to put me on your resume if you need something official. We can work out the terms if you're interest. How it works is I put up an article, then you claim it and post the edited version. I'm looking mostly for grammar, spelling, punctuation editing but I would also like general feedback on the style of the article and it's contents. This process won't be done through LJ but it can be done solely online. Let me know.

No Responses?

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You guys get me all excited that you want to read my Character Background and then no one replies! *whaps all around* I'll put up the link again, just in case it was missed. ;) The post was here.

On Vox: My Weekend Update

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So I didn't post this sooner because I've been busy :P but this is what's been going on.

D&D: I played D&D this weekend with Richard's group I joined (not the one we formed together) and it was pretty fun. We played for like 9 hours, and did a lot more roleplaying. I may have done something that my DM would construe as Metagaming but I'm going to e-mail him about it today and see what he says. My Favored Soul is pretty cool, but I need a long ranged weapon in our campaign. :P It's a cool campaign called Savage Tide if anyone has heard about it. All pirates and scallywags. We had one little mini-fight where this small flying creature was spewing acid and some horrific fog. Since I was on another ship far away and my weapon was inaccessible I decided to try a spell. Only I have no offensive spell since I'm like the group's cleric. So I tried to be creative and used my "create water" spell right over him, hoping the little guy was so small it might daze him or cause damage or something. Only we learned later that the damn thing regenerates HP in the water. So, I didn't help us at all. ;) Oh well, at least it was a clever idea!

Other Gaming Geekness: I've decided I wanted to learn how to play Magic: The Gathering. So I set out to the gaming stores to find a core deck. There is a place not far from us which specializes in card games and even has magic tournaments on Friday night! So that was cool. Also the guy who works there/owns the place gave me like 100 cards for free to help build my cord deck and a card protector. It was surprising and pretty cool! So I'm excited to start on that, but haven't had the chance yet. I'll let everyone know how that goes. I know absolutely nothing about the game, other than it deals with magic sources and it's a competitive game.

Flash: I've been trying to learn flash. I bought a website template from for Body Palette Jewelry. It's kick ass, but flash is hard as shit. Anyone able to provide any pointers? I bought myself Flash CS3 for Dummies which has been somewhat helpful but I still don't know how to put it all together. I know that offers some tutorials and things, but they seem to all assume one knows something about Flash. Which, I don't. I should just pay the $500 to my consulting company to get them to handle it, but I'm being cheap. :( What do you guys thing? Try to save the $500 by doing the flash myself, and potentially taking much longer to get the website up, or shell out the $500 and get it up sooner, which would possibly get some money coming in faster?

Business update: It's official. Body Palette Jewelry LLC is on the books. I got my EIN from the government and I'm all registered. Or so I hope. The registration part I'm a little confused on still. So that's uber exciting. I moved my paypal over to a business account and my eBay too. I'm opening a bank account soon and hopefully going to try for a line of credit. Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me!

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